Oil & Fluid Changes

Fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid are essential to making sure your engine and other various systems are working correctly.

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The engine oil and other fluids are the hardest working components in your vehicle. These fluids are essential to the processes that keep your car running smoothly including braking, cooling, lubrication and power.

Benefits of Regular Oil and Fluid Changes

  1. The longevity and performance of your vehicle are prolonged when you use the engine oil the manufacturer recommends. Doing so reduces friction and the possibility of overheating while also increasing gas mileage.
  2. The effective regulation of your vehicle’s internal temperature is controlled by the cooling system. Without the proper amount and type of coolant, your engine’s performance will suffer.
  3. The smooth operation of your car’s transmission system relies on transmission fluid.
  4. Your vehicle’s braking system performs better when the brake fluid is changed according to the recommendations by Ford Motor Company.

Following the recommended schedule established by Ford for changing and replacing your vehicle’s fluids helps it operate at top efficiency. Taking this step also helps prevent expensive maintenance problems that can occur from inadequate fluid levels.

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